Young at heart…

photo credit: social media via photopin (license)

photo credit: social media via photopin (license)

I love social media. But not in the sense that I am on it 24 hours a day, rather the connections that I have with people that I just didn’t have even ten years ago.

I was having a conversation with one of my uncles on the weekend and it came up that I was still in touch with friends with whom I went to University. He was amazed that I was still communicating with them and that he had lost touch with his school mates because he had moved cities. Now, I secretly know (from my aunty) that he is staunchly opposed to Facebook (FB) and other social media, so much so that my aunt has not told him that she has a FB account. I saw my opportunity to help my aunty out by singing the praises of how FB has even enabled me to reconnect with childhood friends.

It is interesting how people can be so opposed to things, that they cannot see any worth in them at all. Here was my uncle almost complaining that he did not have the same connections with people, where if he was open to the possibility that everything new is not necessarily bad, then he could be exploring a whole new world. I’d also like to add that he believes that libraries are throwing out all the good books and replacing them with eBooks. He may represent a more extreme view, but I remember clearly a conversation I had with my mother about FB, where she wanted “nothing to do with that”. However, as a 70 year old grandmother she is now a regular user.

Over the years, there have been many moral panics around new technology and of course there is not a day which goes by where we aren’t told something is bad for us. It makes me wonder what I will be like when I am 70 and faced with new technology. Will I blindly accept it, staunchly reject it or be willing to investigate it with an open mind?

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